Exclusive Pieces

Magic, Refinement & Harmony

We bring magic, refinement and harmony to all environments. We enjoy mixing styles and combining them in the most suitable way. Classic mixed up with contemporary and even a pinch of theatrical notes. Our biggest inspiration comes from ancient egypt, with lots of gold and glow. We dare to combine modern features with classical designs. It’s a work of love. We love offering each and every single individual, his own personality, crafted in every piece and mirrored in every ambience. Intimacy and beauty allied with functionality and taste. These are the main features which define our work.

Exclusive Patterns

Freedom, Personality & Elegance

"We are eclectic when it comes to style. It is essential to have a proper reading of all client’s requests. Regardless of the style, we work with our heart, soul and sense. We aim to offer the client all possible sceneries to work from and to work with. Each space is a blank canvas and we are committed to paint it with freedom, personality and elegance.

A Touch of Exclusivity

Unique Pinch of Style

Handcrafted and Customized Products

Fingerprint your lifestyle on every piece that makes up your space, your house, your office

"We design, transform and materialize pieces of furniture and decoration. Handmade crafted pieces are created by our team of national craftsmen. We create unique, exquisite and outstanding pieces to remodel every space and turn it into an elegance, practical and intimate surrounding. Each piece is idealized to suit each individual, each family or even each work team.

“The best professional I’ve encounter in this area and he has already become a family friend. Helder decorated my 3 apartments which are on a local accommodation basis and my tenants always give amazing feedbacks on the decoration and its refinement. During all the process I was sure to count on all the support from Helder who was constantly worried about all the details, as well as to match the results with my primary expectations. An enormous thank you to all your work.”

Carlos Santos, Switzerland

Telecommunications Engineer

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